Espec Rapid Rate Temperature Chamber


Espec’s TCC-150 Rapid Rate Thermal Cycle temperature & humidity chamber is particularly used within the semi-conductor industry for Power Temperature Cycle (PTC), Board Level Reliability Temperature Cycle (BLR TC) and Temperature Cycle testing. The high-speed wind circulation ensures a highly uniform air distribution with rapid-rate temperature changes. The temperature changes to which the test product is subjected can vary up to 15 °C/min., whereas the temperature in the test room itself can vary up to 23 °C/min. A product sensor enables the advance control system to very accurately control the temperature of the test product and also enables linear temperature changes to be achieved.

Technische specificaties

  • Capacity:
    Temperature range:
    Temperature fluctuation:
    Temperature rate of change on product:
    Communication interface:
    Cable ports:
    Power supply:
  • 160 litre
    -70°C tot +180°C
    ± 0,5°C
    Up to 15K/ min. °C
    Touchscreen program controller
    Ethernet (LAN)
    2 x flat cable ports
    2 x stainless steel baskets


  • • User friendly touchscreen controller
    • Remote control, logging and monitoring (LAN)
    • Suitable for a wide range of test standards
    • Very accurate product temperature control
    • Reliable system

Some options:

  • • Additional cable ports
    • Additional product thermocouples
    • RS-485, RS-232C or GPIB interface
    • Alarm interfaces
    • Mobile installation (casters and leveling feet)


  • • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Electronics
    • Semiconductor


  • • Temperature cycle tests
    • Aging tests