Climate chamber with solar simulator


The climate chamber with a solar simulator offers unique solutions for several applications in different industries. Accelerated life testing (ALT), degradation, climate and aging testing are among the many possibilities offered by this system. Furthermore, this combination is excellently suitable for conducting highly accurate sunlight performance tests under the influence of temperature and relative humidity. This is made possible by the artificial (AAA class) sunlight that is produced by the simulator.
The climate chamber with solar simulator is the ideal test setup to enable the solar panel industry to test PV modules and cells under different degradation conditions.
The climate chamber with a solar simulator is available in different standard sizes, but, if desired, it can also be adjusted based on particular customer specifications and wishes. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then please feel free to contact us.


  • • AAA-class (according to the IEC60904-9:2007) sunlight
    • Wide temperature and humidity range
    • Flexible design (modular construction)
    • Fully computer controlled
    • Low cost of ownership

Some options:

  • • Mobile racks for PV-moduless
    • IV measurement system
    • Wind generator
    • Viewing window
    • Day/night cycle option


  • • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Bio energy
    • Chemical
    • Electronics
    • Solar panels


  • • Climate / humidity tests
    • Temperature tests
    • Aging tests
    • ALT
    • Damp heat tests
    • Weathering tests