Reliable test equipment
It goes without saying that the measurements taken and the tests carried out in your climate or temperature test chamber need to be 100% reliable. This is important not only to you in terms of the product complying with quality requirements, but also to your customers requiring a test certificate. Annual calibration of your testing equipment will ensure that you can rely on correct readings.

25 years calibration service
Hielkema Services & Calibrations has been performing calibrations in the field of temperature and relative humidity for more than 25 years. Our qualified service engineers are on a daily basis at customer sites throughout the Benelux to perform calibration. They perform these calibrations according to the guidelines of DKD. The measuring instruments they use for this purpose are calibrated regularly and are traceable to RvA.

What can you expect?
A standard calibration consists of:
• measurement of the conditions at two points of measurement (more points of measurement possible by agreement);
• adjustment of the equipment if any values measured are outside of the specifications set by the manufacturer;
• the issuing of a measurement report. Within a month of calibration taking place, you will receive the results of the measurements, before and after correction.

Wherever possible, we combine calibration with annual servicing. This means that the amount of time your test system is unavailable is kept to a minimum.

Hielkema is also a ISO 9001:2015 certified company.