Espec Compact Ultra Low Chamber


The Espec Compact Ultra Low temperature chamber enables the most extreme temperatures to be simulated. Temperatures of -85 °C to +180 °C are no problem at all for this compact temperature chamber. At a cubic capacity of 64 litres, this system is highly suitable for testing small products or for calibrating temperature sensors.

The user-friendly LCD touch panel controller located on the front side of the chamber can be used to control the chamber. The integrated USB memory port enables continuous recording of the temperature in the test room. This data can then be read out on a PC. Communication with the chamber via Ethernet (LAN) is also possible. A PC, smartphone or tablet can be used to monitor, control and program the system remotely.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity:
    Temperature range:
    Temperature fluctuation:
    Temperatuur uniformiteit:
    Communication interface:
    Cable ports:
    Viewing window:
    Power supply:
  • 64 litre
    -70/ -85°C to +100°C/ +180°C
    ± 0,5°C (± 1,0°C at +100°C)
    ± 1,0°C (± 2,0°C at+100°C)
    Touchscreen program controller
    Ethernet (LAN)
    Ø 50 mm with plug
    Heated viewinw window with light
    Power supply terminals


  • • User friendly touchscreen controller
    • Compact design
    • Remote control and logging (LAN)
    • Extreme low temperatures
    • Reliable system

Some options:

  • • Additional cable ports
    • Additional shelves
    • Mobile installation (casters and leveling feet)
    • Product thermocouples
    • RS-485, RS-232C or GPIB interface


  • • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Coating
    • Communication
    • Electronics
    • Energy
    • Pharmacy / medical
    • Packaging
    • Plastic


  • • (extreme low) Temperature test
    • Calibration of temperature sensors
    • Heat aging tests