Dust Test Chambers


To make sure that the products are resistant to the ingress of dust, an IP dust tightness test system (also called a dust test chamber) can be used. Espect dust test systems offer a suitable solution for different dust tests in the automotive and electronics industries. Dust tests are often performed using “Arizona dust”, but talcum powder or concrete powder can also be used for this.
As standard, Espec EDC dust chambers are available as 750-litre or 1,500-litre versions and they have a clamshell type of door/lid. Optional reach-in glove ports allow moving, touching or rotating a product while testing.


  • • Stainless steel housing
    • Viewing window in canopy
    • Cable ports with gloves
    • Casters

Some options:

  • • Dry compressed air connection
    • Under pressure system for IEC 60529 standard
    • Arizona fine dust


  • • Automotive
    • Communication
    • Defence
    • (consumer)Electronics
    • Energy
    • Medical devices


  • • Dust test
    • IP test