Test facility

Need to carry out a short test but don’t have the right equipment? Are your own premises lacking in space? Does your budget not stretch to large investments??

Test facility
Our test facility in Uden has a variety of climatic test systems, ranging from rapid temperature change chambers to climatic chambers for constant conditions to high temperature ovens. All of these systems can be rented on site for a short period of one day to long periods to even one year.

If desired, we can perform a calibration (1 or 9 points) in advance for the required conditions. You will receive a calibration report with certificate from us.
After the test has ended, you will receive a measurement report containing the full temperature (and humidity) registration during your test.

Tests can be carried out by your own staff, involve a member of our staff, or be taken care of by us completely. The benefits for you include:

● Convenience;
● Inexpensive testing (without certification);
● Savings in space and time;
● Immediate start;
● Advice.

Prefer to have a climate test carried out on your own premises? Hiring one of our test systems is also an option.

Walk-in chamber rental service
In addition to our standard test systems, we also have 3 large walk-in climate rooms. These large walk-n climate chambers are ideal for testing large and heavy products under different (extreme) climate conditions. Even when you want to test multiple products at a time, renting a walk-in chamber is ideal.
You can rent an environmental walk-in chamber per day or for extended periods in one piece. At the end of the rental period, you will receive a measurement report containing the complete registration of temperature (and humidity) of your test.

Click here for the specifications of our climatic walk-in chambers.

Want to know more about our testing laboratory or the options for hiring a walk-in climate chamber? Contact us for more information.