Espec Environmental Stress Chamber


Espec’s AR series of advanced environmental stress systems features a powerful cooling and heating installation, making these systems highly suitable for rapid-rate temperature cycle tests (also at a high thermal load of up to 9,000 W). In addition, these systems have a very wide temperature and humidity range, allowing the most diverse climate and stress tests to be carried out. During a stress test, a product is subjected to different stress techniques, such as rapid temperature changes (up to 18 °C per minute), high temperatures in combination with high relative humidity, or climate combined with vibrations. Stress-testing is used to test and improve the robustness of a product.

The AR series consists of 20 different models which can be selected based on capacity, temperature/humidity range and temperature cycling rate. In addition, the different models can be configured with a wide range of options. By default, all AR models feature a user-friendly 7-inch LCD touch panel controller from which the system can be monitored, programmed and controlled. Thanks to the integrated Ethernet port, remote control using your own software or the Espect web browser application is also possible.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity:
    Temperature range:
    Temperature fluctuation:
    Temperature uniformity:
    Temperature rate of change:
    * Humidity range:
    * Humidity fluctuation:
    Communication interface:

    Cable ports:
    Viewing window:
    Power supply:

*only for humidity models.

  • 220, 390, 680 or 1100 litre
    -45/ -75°C to +180°C
    ± 0,3°C
    ± 1,5°C
    From 4K/ min. up to 18K/ min.
    10 to 98%rh (lower humidity control possible)
    ± 2,5%rh
    Touchscreen program controller
    Ethernet (LAN)
    Ø 100 mm left and right
    Heated viewinw window optional
    Product power supply terminals


  • • User friendly 7-inch touchscreen controller
    • Remote control, logging and monitoring (LAN)
    • Powerfull performance
    • Wide range of options and possibilities
    • Uniform temperature distribution (even with high heat load)

Some options:

  • • Additional cable ports
    • Large viewing window
    • Product temperature control
    • Floor reinforcement(up to 300kg)
    • Water-cooled system


  • • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Chemistry
    • Coating
    • Communication
    • Defense
    • Electronics /semiconductor
    • Energy
    • Packaging
    • Plastic


  • • Climate / humidity tests
    • Temperature tests
    • Environmental stress screening (ESS)
    • Temperature cycle tests
    • Aging tests
    • Damp heat tests