Espec Large Cycle Chamber


Capacity and performance for testing large products. The Espec SM series was especially designed for testing large products, such as displays, car parts, airplane parts, and solar panels. The climate chamber has a standard cubic capacity of 1800 litres and, partly thanks to its powerful cooling machine, it can achieve heating and cooling speeds of up to 5 °C per minute. Espec’s integrated touch panel control system enables 20 different programs, each of an impressive 99 steps, to be set. Remote control via Ethernet, RS-485 or RS-232c is also one of the many possibilities.

Technical specifications

  • Capacity:
    Temperature range:
    Temperature fluctuation:
    Temperature uniformity:
    Temperature rate of change:
    * Humidity range:
    * Humidity fluctuation:
    Communication interface:
    Cable ports:
    Viewing window:
    Power supply:

* only for humidity models.

  • 1800 litre
    -40/ -70°C to +180°C
    ± 0,5°C (± 1,0°C at +100°C)
    ± 1,5°C
    Up to 5K/ min.
    20 to 98%rh (lower humidity control possible)
    ± 5%rh
    Touchscreen program controller
    Ethernet (LAN)
    2 x Ø50 mm with plug
    Heated viewinw window with light



  • • User friendly 6.5-inch touchscreen controller
    • Large volume
    • Fast temperature cycling
    • Remote control
    • Uniform temperature distribution (even with high heat load)

Some options:

  • • Additional cable ports
    • Additional shelves
    • Product temperature monitor (thermocouple type T)
    • External alarm contacts
    • Product contact relais


  • • Elektronica
    • Halfgeleiders


  • • HAST testen
    • THB testen