Testing of lithium-ion batteries for
energy storage systems.

Testing of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage systems.

The effective storage of energy is a development that receives a lot of attention from different industries. The market for energy storage systems (including lithium-ion batteries) is currently growing explosively and offers many opportunities for various applications. Think of an energy storage for home by self-generated electricity through solar panels, charging of electric vehicles (and transport), backup facilities for data centers and autonomous energy networks for locations where no energy network is available.

Lihtium-ion batteries are being used for more and more of these applications due to the high energy density, low self-discharge and long life. These storage systems must be reliable and must continue to function well in both hot and cold conditions.

In addition, the storage systems must be safe. The use of lithium-ion batteries entails risks. In the event of damage or thermal or electrical overload, the batteries can ignite or even catch fire or explode. To minimize these risks and provide reliable batteries, lithium-ion storage systems must be tested. This requires safe lithium-ion temperature and climate test chambers from ESPEC.

The ESPEC climate simulation test systems can be equipped with various safety options, depending on the hazards that may arise during the testing of li-on batteries. These safety options can be compiled based on the EUCAR hazard levels or based on individual choices. As the safety options are applicable to every type of climate chamber, temperature chamber or (vacuum) oven, we can offer a safe solution for every type of energy storage system. We can also provide safe li-ion walk-in test chambers for testing large energy storage systems.

Some test standards for lithium-ion batteries that are often performed with ESPEC test chambers are:

– UL 1642 – Standard for lithium batteries
– UL 2054 – Household and commercial batteries
– IEC 62133 – Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells
– IEC 62660-2 – Secondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles
– SAE J2464 – Electric and hybrid electric vehicle rechargeable energy storage system (RESS)
– ISO 12405-1 – Electrically propelled road vehicles

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