Hielkema Walk-in Climate Chambers


A temperature or climate chamber is not a standard product. These installations are always custom built, based on the customer’s specifications and wishes. Some examples of specifications that are needed to create a suitable temperature or climate chamber for your application are the capacity needed, temperature range, relative humidity, heating and cooling speeds, lighting, air velocity, control system, safety options, connections, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of the floor.
With over 25 years of experience of building and installing temperature and climate chambers, Hielkema Test Equipment has considerable knowledge and expertise. We have successfully completed several projects for different companies in the automotive, electronics, energy, aviation, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then please contact us to discuss your requirements, free of any obligations.


  • • Total package: installation, calibration, validation and maintenance
    • Knowledge and expertise, more than 25 years of experience
    • Any size possible
    • Wide range of options and possibilities
    • Rental

Some options:

  • • Viewing windows
    • UV lights
    • Reinforced floor
    • Stainless steel carts
    • Internal facilities (gas, water, electricity, etc.)


  • • Automotive
    • Chemistry
    • Coating
    • Communication
    • Electronics / semiconductor
    • Energy
    • Offshore / oil
    • Packaging
    • Pharmacy / medical
    • Plastic


  • • Climate / humidity tests
    • Temperature tests
    • Temperature cycle tests
    • Stability tests
    • Aging tests
    • Damp heat tests
    • Lithium-Ion battery tests