Ultra Rapid Thermal Cycling Chamber
The NEW Ultra Rapid Thermal Cycling Chamber with an impressive fast temperature rate of change!
Ultra Rapid Thermal Cycling Chamber

Solar arrays which provide power to satellites in orbit, have to withstand harsh environments during their operational life time.Temperatures can fluctuate between -100°C in the shadow and 260°C in the direct sunlight.

To simulate these temperatures on earth, Hielkema Testequipment B.V. has just delivered their 5th URTCC to a leading manufacturer of these solar arrays.

Nowadays satellites travel to planets closer to the sun, therefore this test chamber meets higher and lower temperatures and faster temperature rates than previous ones.

Temperature range: -195°C to +300°C
Cooling down/heat up rate: 1°C to 120°C per min.
Test duration up to 10.000 cycles
Electric/ pneumatic digital LN2 controller
Ultra-fast power controller for heating
Digital Temperature Programmer controller