Temperature and climate chambers for tensile testers

In recent years, the demand for carrying out material tests under (extreme) temperature and climate conditions has increased significantly. As supplier of temperature and climate chambers from ESPEC, we were regularly asked if we had such a test system in our product range. A test system which had to be able to perform tensile and pressure tests in a precisely controlled climate environment. Our customers were often, already in possession of a tensile tester and a climate chamber, but a combination of these two systems in one, not yet. So, in cooperation with one of our customers, Hielkema Test Equipment B.V. developed the first climate-controlled tensile testing chambers. This was a great success!

Hielkema has already supplied various climate-controlled tensile testing chambers to various satisfied customers within the Benelux through the years. Since we can easily modify our temperature and climate chamber for almost every type and brand of tensile tester (or pressure tester), customers are not dependent to one supplier of tensile testers. The benefits that we can offer at a glance:

• Flexibility: not dependent on one tensile tester in your lab;
• Compatibility: compatible with almost every type / brand of tensile or pressure tester;
• Affordable: simple modification to the test chamber reduces purchase costs;
• Quality: climate test systems from ESPEC are among the best in the test industry;
• Separable system: both systems can be used separately from each other;
• Service: our professional service engineers can perform service, maintenance and calibrations on all our equipment.

The test chambers are available according to your specifications and wishes. The work areas of our chambers are usually:
Temperature range: -60c to + 180c (mechanical cooling) or -180c to + 300c (liquid nitrogen)
Moisture range: 10% to 98% rh (lower possible via nitrogen or dry compressed air connection)

In addition, the test chambers can be easily controlled by means of a user-friendly touchscreen control panel and you can easily assemble test profiles with multiple steps. Remote control and data logging via a LAN connection is also possible.

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