ESPEC chambers equipped with NEW Eco-friendly R-452A refrigerant!

Many of you probably heard about the new F-gas regulations regarding the use of R-404A (GWP 3.922) refrigerant. The reason for these new measures is the high GWP (Global Warming Potential) of this type of refrigerant. As per 2020 the refrigerant R-404A may no longer be produced and until 2030 refilling is only allowed with recycled R-404A refrigerant.

Besides the impact of R-404A on the environment, the price per kg will also increase rapidly in the coming years because of the gradual reduction of this refrigerant. Some R-404A gas suppliers have recently announced consecutive monthly rises up to 25% because of the expected scarcity!

ESPEC is known for its energy efficient and eco-friendly climatic chambers. Because of the new F-gas regulations, ESPEC has been looking for a compliant alternative for the R-404A refrigerant. ESPEC’s solution is the new eco-friendly R-452A (GWP 2.141) refrigerant.

The new R452A has a number of benefits, such as:
• Reduction of 45% CO2 Emissions per kg compared to R404A;
• Already complies with the 2020 EU-standards;
• Tested and proven alternative for R404A;
• Compatible with most existing ESPEC chambers;
• Higher residual value;
• Performance are not affected.

However, ESPEC keeps improving and is already working with the even more eco-friendly R-449A refrigerant (GWP <1.397). Some ESPEC chambers are already equipped with this new R449A refrigerant. For more details and information, please contact us.